Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, I have been meaning to update you again for awhile now, but man, life just doesn't slow down, does it?!

We had our final (hopefully) high-risk ultrasound last week!! Collins is measuring a whopping 6lbs 14ozs! Add a month of weight to that and we are DEFINITELY looking at a 9lb baby! AH!  I am praying that we have her in the next couple of weeks so that we are closer to 8lbs instead!!  He also said, once again, that she has a ton of hair-- good for all her cute little (or big) bows! :)  Oh man... I just can't even contain my excitement to see this precious little life that has been growing inside of me for almost 9 months!

I now go and see by OBGYN two times a week-- they put me on a monitor and watch little Collins to make sure she is still doing well!  There is higher risk in the last month for diabetics, so they do this just for safety-- which is totally fine by me!  Today, she was a little sleepy to begin with, but they had me drink some water and she perked right up!  I also had SEVERAL contractions in the 30 minutes... they said they need to be a little closer for full-blown labor, but this is a good sign!  I am 1cm dilated and about 50% effaced! WOOHOO!! I know it could still be 3 weeks before we have her, but I am just glad that we are moving in the right direction!  If I keep contracting though, it could be any day!

I also had my last baby shower!! My friends did such an awesome job hosting it-- the decor and everything was so sweet and the food was FABULOUS!  Thanks to them for all their hard work!!!  It was so fun to celebrate with everyone!  And we have received most everything we needed!! Damon and I feel so blessed by all our friends and family who so graciously have given so much to us!  She is already one spoiled little girl and we are most definitely a spoiled couple!!! :)

Well, I will keep you posted as the big day approaches!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I guess you could say that I have entered the "nesting" phase.  We have 5 weeks MAX left before baby girl makes her appearance and I am starting to realize all the stuff that needs to be done around the house.  I wish this phase would have hit a little bit earlier-- as I can only do a little and then stop to rest and then do a little more... Oh well!!

This weekend, we have been exceptionally productive!  I know that I brag on my husband a lot, but I just can't help it!!  He laid flooring in the attic so that we could put storage up there!!  It was no easy task and yet, he did it willingly and without complaining!  And then after the flooring was done, he hauled a bunch of boxes up there-- as well as the Christmas garland! (He hung hooks up so that I don't have to put it together every year!!)  I got ALL of our laundry finished... I don't think it had been fully done since Christmas... DON'T JUDGE!  I also washed most of Collins's clothes so they are ready to be worn!

We were also able to completely finish Collins's room!  Below is a final picture!  I can't believe how much I LOVE it!

The room with lamp, swing, and rug.

Side table and lamp!

Today, we had a baby shower thrown for us by our Surf Shack team!  This is where we serve on Sunday mornings and we couldn't have felt more blessed!  I think one of my favorite parts was all the encouragement we received!  Everyone wrote us notes to go in a little jar with Bible verses, quotes, notes... and then we were prayed over-- such a sweet time!  Don't get me wrong, the gifts were great and we got a lot of stuff we needed, but there is nothing more valuable in becoming a new parent than hearing their encouraging words!  So thank you!

Next week, I start going to the doctor twice a week... I don't really like this idea.  I don't like the doctor so this whole visit doctors 3 of 4 weeks a month was hard enough-- much less, going two times in a week.  I know that this is not "normal", but it is for a diabetic.  Both appointments involve being hooked up to monitors for 20 minutes and watching Collins to make sure she is doing well!  Hopefully, we won't have to do this for 5 weeks... I would like to have her in the next 3 weeks... that would be GREAT!! :)

What does next week hold?  1) Going to the store and picking up the essentials needed for the hospital  2) Packing our bags  3) Hanging curtains downstairs  4) Clean the house and last, but not least my very last baby shower! I can't wait for Saturday to get to celebrate with friends!  WOO-HOO!! :)  And last, I will leave you a picture with me at 35 weeks!

P.S.- This picture was taken at like 10:00 at night... so it isn't the best of me, but you get the picture! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Office Surprise Party

A girl can't ask for a better company to work for than Fellowship Associates!  Yesterday, they surprised me with a baby shower and lunch!  It was so much fun!  I know that my co-workers went out of their way to make this day so special!  Their prayers and support for me, Damon, and Collins is so overwhelming!  I feel so loved and so appreciate-- and especially after coming from a place several years ago where I didn't feel that at all... WOW!  What a difference! God is so good!  Below are some pictures from the party!  We got several clothing items, diapers, and a gift card to put towards whatever big item we don't get!! :) YEAH!


Me with all the gifts!

Opening all the fun surprises! :)

Pink ruffle bootie pants-- a girl can't live without these!

One of the cutest onsies EVER!!

The best girls to work with!  Rebekah, Sandra, Ann, and Rachel

Reading all the sweet notes from the group! :)

The whole office!! (Minus Rachel because she got stuck taking the picture!)

I mean seriously, what betters bosses could a girl ask for?!  Thanks Fellowship Associates!! Love you all!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hospital, Swollen Ankles, Sharp Rib Pain and No Sleep

Been awhile since I have updated... and since the last update, I think that I can definitely say that pregnancy is in full swing!  Collins is sitting so high in my belly that she is CONSTANTLY kicking my ribs!  And I get this really really sharp pain!  I told Damon that it feels like someone is stabbing me!  I did a little research because it wasn't just the normal "kick in the ribs" pain and found out that it is more than likely her kicking my liver which then hits some nerves! Ouch! Along with that pain, my ankles are seriously swollen about 5 minutes after getting out of bed! I literally have to put on boots that don't have zippers as soon as possible, or they are not getting put on! AH! I am trying to keep them up as much as possible and drinking lots of water, but not a whole lot is helping right now!!

We had another hospital visit about 2 days before the new year too... Collins once again decided to try and make her appearance early! Good grief! We were there almost all day and after 3 shots of Brethine (sp?), contractions finally stopped and I went home!  They did another test that says I wouldn't deliver for the next 2 weeks, so that is good!  They haven't put me on bedrest or anything yet!  THANK GOODNESS!

I talked to the doc about several things this last time I was there, just in getting ready for her (seeing as we think that she will be early).  I talked to him about her being so big already!  He said that we could start looking at inducing at 38 weeks if I hadn't gone into labor by then!  He said that if I start to have contractions again, that I should go ahead and go to L&D, but that if I wasn't dilated, they would probably just send me home and let me keep having them.  If I am dilating, they will check to make sure Collins is ready to be here... if she is, they will just let me go into labor and if she isn't, they will stop the contractions and probably send me home on bedrest.  I also talked to him about c-sections before diabetics have a higher percentage of having them and I just wanted to get his thoughts!  I was happy to hear that he doesn't want to do that unless necessary!  The only other reason I would have to have one is if she is over 9lbs 9ozs... There are increased risks for diabetics when babies are over that weight!  (I am praying she is about a pound under that! AH! PLEASE PRAY WITH ME!

Speaking of my diabetes, it is going really really well!! My HbA1C was 6.6 this last time-- which is PERFECT!  That means that Collins' size has very little to do with me being a diabetic-- she is just a big baby!!

My friend, Heidi, took some maternity pictures of me and below is one of my favorites!! :)  I am about 33 weeks there!

We worked today on putting the finishing touches on her nursery as well!  We got a side table and lamp!  We have one other lamp we need to pick up and then it is COMPLETELY done!!  We got the rug awhile back (you can see me sitting on it above) and I LOVE it!!

I also can't end this post without saying how blessed I am to have celebrated 5 years of marriage with my hubby yesterday!  He is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me and more than I ever deserved!  God truly knew what He was doing when He brought the two of us together!  He completes me in every way and I can't imagine doing life without him!  I told him last night at dinner that one of the things that I love the most is that our kids don't ever have to worry about us getting divorced! I don't ever fear him leaving me and our family! (and I sure as heck am not going anywhere!!)  This day and age, that is a pretty incredible thing to be able to say!!  I know first hand what that means to a kid!  I NEVER had to worry about that with my parents and what an amazing example they have set for us!  They have been married 31 years and are just as in love today as they were 31 years ago!! I LOVE THEM!! :) And I LOVE my husband!