Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Happenings

So I may not be very good at this blogging thing... Actually, that shouldn't say may... as I am just flat at NOT good at it!!  I just find myself sooo busy these days... I have every intention of blogging and then I get to the end of the day and haven't done it...

We celebrated Collins' first birthday 2 months ago, which is so hard to believe!!  She is truly the delight of our lives!  She is WILD and is ALL Damon.  I mean, Damon goes and goes and goes... And Collins goes and goes and goes... Makes it a little difficult on Mommy as that is DEFINITELY NOT my personality!!  She is definitely starting to talk more and more... She mainly says animal noises... Kitty, Doggie, Rabbit, Horsey, Monkey, and Lion... She says "mama" "dada" and "papa", but only really when we tell her to.  She signs fore "more" when she wants more food.  And she signs for "all done" when she is done eating.  Other than that, she pretty much yells when she wants something.  Such a loud mouth!  When we say "are you hungry" or "are you thirsty", if she is, she shakes her head yes and then heads to the fridge or her highchair or points to her cup.  Such a smartie!! :)

In January, we found out that Collins is going to be a big sister!!! :)  We are due October 7, 2012!  With a c-section, we are probably looking at the week before that so, late September or early October!  Your next question is probably, "how are you feeling?".  I am feeling really really good!! I feel so blessed.  I was soo soo sick with Collins, throwing up most everyday from 7 weeks until about 16 weeks that I didn't think it was possible to feel good while pregnant.  But so far, I am 15 weeks and I haven't thrown up once!  CAN I JUST SAY THAT AGAIN?!?!?!  I HAVE NOT THROWN UP ONCE!!! Woohoo!!  Still music to my ears!

We find out in less than two weeks if Collins will have a little brother or little sister and can't wait!!! :)

We also just got back from a MUCH needed vacation to Hawaii!!! We went with all of Damon's family and pretty much spent every spare moment of our time on the beach!! ALL 9 DAYS!  (Ok, well, we didn't go the day we got there, and then one day that was a little chilly...)  It was BEAUTIFUL and we had a great time catching up with Damon's whole family and spending some sweet time with them!  It had been a year since we had seen them!  Crazy!!  We always hit the beach early, as Collins never fully adjusted to the time change and we were up by 6:00 most every morning.  So we usually were at the beach by 8:00am or so!  Stayed until 1:00-2:00... We just took her pack n play down there and let her nap on the beach in the shade... no better way to nap if you ask me!!  Then we would do a little shopping, walking around, hanging out in the condo with the... and just a little EATING!! Yummy... nothing better than fresh seafood... Don't worry, I only ate the stuff on the "ok to eat while pregnant list"! ;)

 My sister's wedding is just over three weeks away!! I can't believe that!! We are in full swing over here as we finalize details!! :) Speaking of which... some details call that I have to be working on... I will write more later...