Friday, August 21, 2009

Job and More

Well, I have officially been at my new job for about a month now... and I am LOVING it!! :) It definitely plays to my strengths of organization, etc. I can't believe how God just provided something for me... when I wasn't at all expecting it! I miss Sephora a TON! Gosh, it was such a fun job-- I mean what girl doesn't want to spend all day doing other people's makeup?! :)

I am working with Men's Fraternity as the directors assistant. I just get to organize, book flights, hotels, etc on a daily basis... I am doing well and the director keeps encouraging me!! I felt more appreciated here after 2 weeks-- than I did in 2 years of working at Ink. I hear that they laid off a bunch more people again... I am kinda sad for them... which is a huge deal because before I was so angry with them, that I wanted to see them fail! Praise God for bringing me to a place of almost complete forgiveness!!

On another note, my dad finally has a job! Though it is temporary... it is with Louis Palao (sp?) Association. I think it will be a great place of service for him. And I am excited because it means for now, he will not be moving anywhere.

We have also continued to plug away on the house! We finally got our tax credit in!! So we bought furniture for upstairs and new bedding for our room... Now we just need to get new furniture for our room and finish decorating the upstairs living room!! Not far!! I will post more pictures soon so you can see the updates! :)

Enough for now... I am at work and better get back to it!!