Monday, August 30, 2010

Kit Kat

Today, I was reading several articles about being 15 weeks pregnant online (I know, as if the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" didn't have enough information)!

One article stuck out as it said that my baby is about the size of a Kit Kat (and went on to further explain that it was the normal size Kit Kat-- not the King Size one!) :) I like to think of my baby as a Kit Kat... Yummy! In fact, I ate one afterwards. (It was just a mini one-- so no worries just a couple of calories-- and a baby can always use a little chocolate, right?!)

I am still fighting the morning sickness (and sometimes all day sickness) some... It has definitely been better the last couple days, so I am hopeful that I am on the tail end of it! YEAH! **Fingers Crossed**

In another note, I have been reading the book, "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper.

Man, this book is convicting... I mean, how many hours do I sit around doing nothing?! I am a firm believer that when I face Jesus some day, He is not going to judge me for all the sins I committed... He already took care of all those-- but I do believe that I will be asked how I spent my time... And I would say that most of my time is a WASTE! I mean here is what it would have sounded like yesterday: "Hey, God... so today, I babysat, then we went home and I went on facebook for a little bit, then I watched Pinocchio and took a nap, cleaned the bathroom, and had my family over for dinner..." What time did I spend with Him? Umm... prayer when I got up-- asking Him to not let me throw up! Prayer before dinner... That's it... What a sad waste of the rest of my day!

Encouragement-- yesterday is done... Today is a NEW day... And I definitely got off to a better start!! :) Prayer and reading Matthew Chapter 3... Man, what a difference I feel! My days are really so much better when I start them out with Him.

Prayers for this week... Please keep praying for my anxious heart! My high risk appointment is 2 days away... and I am worrying still. I cried last night... But Damon reminded me, once again, that I have responsibility to do the best I can. The rest I have to leave in God's hands.

Pray for my brother. He is in another transition phase... and I want to help him the best I can. God keeps giving me chances, right?!

That's it! Now, I am headed home... to spend some time with my sweet hubby. I am trying to learn to really value these last few months we have together-- just being the 2 of us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Romans 8:14-16 "Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God. For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba,Father." The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children."

As I am sure many of you moms can testify to, there are times that I am almost overcome with fear. This morning was one of those... I kept thinking "Can we financially do this?" Babies are expensive... That along with knowing that I will not be getting paid what we have been accustomed to... That is going to be a BIG change! I talked to Damon about seeing a financial advisor... I know that we can do it on our own, but I feel like we would both have more peace if we talked with someone else as well.

I have a fear for my baby's health. I have been doing my very best to manage my diabetes... believe you me, I know, now more than ever, that these readings aren't just effecting me, they are effecting my baby. But any of you who are diabetic or know diabetics, should know that diabetes, type 1, is like a guessing game... Your food, hormones, stress level, sleep, what you do during the day, exercise... all effect your blood sugars... And as you can imagine, I have just a few hormones flowing through me... and just stress a little bit!

I am trying to remember the verse above... I am not a slave to fear because I am a child of God. And so is this baby! I have my high risk ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday, September 1st at 8:00am. While, I am really excited-- we will probably be able to find out the sex of the baby-- the reason I am having this is to check for anything that might be wrong because of my diabetes (there is an increased risk for complications with any disease). I have to remember that no matter what, I am going to LOVE this baby! I know that this child is first and foremost God's... and will be grateful for every second that we will be able to be his/her parents!

Please pray for my anxious heart, especially as Wednesday approaches. Please pray for a happy, healthy baby. Please pray for consistency in my blood sugars-- they have been pretty good for the most part, but those days when the hormones are flowing, my blood sugars, rise! I covet all those prayers. And I trust that God hears every single one of them! :)

Good night for now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Appt. #2

The excitement I have about having a baby cannot be overshadowed by much... even sitting in the doctors office for 2 hours-- just to hear the baby's heartbeat! :) I LOVED IT! Though, I do have to admit that I was a little frustrated that it took 2 hours to pee in the cup, get weighed (no weight gain yet), and then hear the heartbeat... which as you know, only takes about 5 minutes! So I sat for about and hour and 45 minutes... Good thing I brought a book!

Good book too... I know, I know, some of you are going to roll your eyes, but I am reading the newest book by Stephanie Meyer... The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

I was skeptical at first... because I thought, there was no way that I would like something that was not about Bella, Edward, and Jacob! However, it was quite interesting to read from the perspective of these newborn vampires...

I have a feeling that with as exhausted as I have been, I will be doing a lot of reading...Any suggestions?!

Back to the appointment... no news is good news! :) Heartbeat was about 150 beats per minute, which Dr. Sellers said was great. Everything looked good on my end as well... I still need to get my blood sugars a little more stable. As simple as this sounds, it is no easy task... and it is so frustrating when you are trying everything you know to. I am checking my blood sugars more frequently, but I am unable to feel my lows and highs like I used to. Lows, I am not feeling until I hit the 30's (I use to be able to feel them in the 50's) and highs, well, they make me nauseous... but I am nauseous all the time so... Please pray that I start to notice the little things that set these feelings apart from just the everyday pregnancy feelings.

Dr. Sellers also talked to me about having a more "high risk" ultrasound done. As much as I hate it, being a diabetic poses a higher risk for developmental problems with our baby. This ultrasound would show more detail and allow to see if there are any deformities, etc. Insurance will cover it, so I think that we will go ahead and have it done... What can it hurt? Please pray as we head into that process as well. This has been a concern of mine since Damon and I started talking about kids, but we are choosing to trust that God has a great plan for us and this baby.

Thanks for your prayers. We definitely appreciate them!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well... it has only been 5 months since I last updated this blog... but I do believe that we have an event SOO big coming up that it warrants an update... and a few more definitely following over the next several months...

I still can't believe this as I am typing it out... Damon and I are PREGNANT! We are expecting our first baby!!! AHH!! I am due February 19, 2011! So, just about 6 months away... and I know that this time is going to fly by!

So... I am sure that there are several questions that you are all wondering... because I and this are just that important!! Haha! :)

1) When did you find out? Well, I found out on June 16th. I was totally thinking that the test was going to be negative... seeing as we had been trying for 7 months and I had been told that I wasn't going to conceive without medication. I hadn't taken the medication, but I hadn't started either-- so one morning, out of the blue, I just thought that I should take a test... and see what happens! Thinking it was going to be negative, I didn't think about the fact that Damon had left to go out of town on business. So... I was home by MYSELF! When the test came back positive, I just kept thinking "OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!". So to tell Damon, I took a picture with my phone of the positive test and sent a text to Damon saying "Oh my gosh!". Well, he called like 2 seconds later, so I know he hadn't received it yet! (He calls every morning to make sure I am awake for my diabetic stuff.) He told me that he could tell by my shaky voice that my blood sugar was low and that I needed to eat... I told him it wasn't, but he insisted so I said, "Ok, but I just sent you a text, please check that and call me back!"... So he did... and he said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Ha! :) Then, I cried... happy happy tears!!

2) When did we tell the family? And how? Well, we didn't tell anyone for 2 weeks!! WHICH WAS SOO HARD!!! We told my family in FL on vacation through a newspaper article I wrote (which we actually pasted in a newspaper from SanDestin)! I have posted it below for you to see! We used the same paper to tell Damon's mom and sister when they came for a visit in early July. We had a harder time telling Damon's dad and step mom and little sisters because they were in the Dominican Republic for a long mission trip! So we told them via skype. We couldn't get them all together (crazy bunch of people wouldn't come together!), so we told Ellie that she should go get everyone because she was going to be an AUNT! She was super excited and got everyone else finally and we were able to let them know!

3) How am I feeling? Well, that is the question of the day!! And it definitely depends on the day! I have had some morning sickness (still having some 12.5 weeks in), but at least I am not throwing up every day! I had really bad headaches for awhile, but those have finally subsided... which I am EVER so thankful for!! My blood sugars have been a little crazy... it is crucial to my health and that of the baby that these get stabilized... I am working really hard to do so!

4) Lastly, things you can pray for:
- Blood sugars/health of Lindsey
- Health of baby
- Work... not sure what we are going to do right now... but those decisions definitely need to be made.
- Insurance-- we would love to be able to get my (Lindsey's) insurance through Damon's work so that I can work part time. It is a necessity being a diabetic-- so it really isn't an option... Please pray that Damon's company would understand and help us out!!
- God would continue to prepare our hearts and heads for what is about to change our lives!

We are so excited and glad to finally be able to share this news with you! Enjoy the pictures below... No belly pictures yet-- as I am not showing at all and still in my skinny jeans!!! :) Not for long, I am sure!!