Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal

What a LONG weekend!!  And the week catching up has felt just as busy!  We had my sister's lingerie shower at my house on Friday night and then left on Saturday to go to Memphis and celebrate the Bachelorette party overnight there.  Let me just tell you, I stayed out until 1:00am... a FEAT for me... especially being 17 weeks pregnant!!  And pregnant on Beale Street... bahaha.... It was quite the night.  I think I may have been one of the FEW sober people there!! :)  It was a blast though and so glad that I got to celebrate my sister's last couple weekends of being single!  We returned late Sunday afternoon and I was definitely pretty worthless the rest of the night... as well as the following day!! My hubby is the most supportive hubby I could ask for.  He not only took care of Collins all weekend by himself, but had the floors cleaned and house picked up when I got home!  What a blessing!!! I wouldn't trade him for the world!!!  Ironically, I didn't take any pictures with Abby while we were in Memphis, but here is one of my other sis and I! :)
I can't believe that we are already almost 18 weeks along!!  This pregnancy is FLYING by!! I am still feeling great, which is amazing!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely have my days that are more rough than others, but I am chasing around a VERY active 15 month old... Let me just tell you, if you haven't met Collins, that she might be the MOST ACTIVE 15 month old I have EVER met!!  She is like a mini version of her daddy...  They both could go go go all the time and the more people involved, the better.  I mean, she literally only sits when she is going down for a nap or bedtime... The rest of the time, she may sit, but she gets up about 3 seconds later!  Here is a recent picture of the little goober... What a ham!

We went to the doc on Tuesday morning and found out what we were having.  But most importantly, found out the baby is healthy and strong and perfectly on schedule!  I am measuring 2 days ahead of schedule, which is PERFECT!!  :)

I guess we can get to what you guys are all checking this blog for anyways... the gender reveal... I apologize for the delay, but we wanted to let our families know first and also reveal the name to them before we let everyone else in on the fun news!! :)

So here it goes... Here is Collins waiting at the doctor's office to find out if she is having a little brother or sister!! :) She was pretty excited either way!!  And so were we!!!

I made a box... see below... and it was filled with either blue or pink balloons!!
And then we videoed away as the family watched... Sorry about the movement in the video... I think my sister was a little excited to find out... and she gets a little wild moving around!! :)  Don't cheat by scrolling down... the video is WAY more fun!! :)

So... those balloons were BLUE!!! It's a BOY!!!!!!  Collins will have a little brother come October!!!

His name will be Grayson Scott Woodward. We just loved the name Grayson!  So different, but strong.  We knew we wanted his middle name to be a family name... So, Scott is after my dad.  When we thought about qualities that we would like for our son to have, we thought about many qualities that my dad has shown us.  I hope that our son can be half the man my dad is... That would mean he is a REALLY good man.. one who loves Christ, serves his family above all else, works hard and loves his wife more than anything.

We are so blessed... I can't even begin to imagine the craziness that my life will take on in October, but I couldn't be more excited.  God has given us the privilege of being parents to TWO KIDDOS!!  Unbelievable... Thank you, Jesus!!