Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Man- This is not EASY!

I have found that I am not the best about keeping up with my blog... I have been ridiculously busy... with work and life... and making invitations... and finally finishing our house!! I feel like I haven't really slept a lot... and my eyes are tired as I write this.

It is nice today because my boss had to go to Birmingham-- and the phone hasn't been ringing much, so I am having a little bit lighter day... which is GREAT! I have a little music playing, and other than the occasional phone call, I am working on catching up... blogging, and finishing up some invitations as well. Ahh... now if only I had a pillow, I could catch up on some sleep!

I can't believe it is already the middle of September... it just seems like time is going by soooo fast... Christmas is around the corner. We are really hoping that some of Damon's family can come it, but we are not sure if that is going to happen... tickets are SOO expensive!! Why?! I mean, we are still quite early to purchase plane tickets for December, right?!

I have noticed that lately, I am more likely to cry... not sure why, but I just tear up more easily. I mean, there have been a lot of tragic things happen... Some of our good friend little boy passed away in his crib in June... and that just makes us want to die! My heart just breaks for them-- though we all know that God is in control and HE IS GOOD! Then, the husband of one of the couples in my parents community group passed away... I didn't know them personally (just through my parents), but he was only 28/29 years old with 2 small children at home. It is just something that you never think anyone should have to go through... as a wife, child, mother, father... Tragic. I just have to remember that in all these circumstances, and with my life, that God really is good... and He has a plan for me... and EVERYONE!! We HAVE to hold on to that to have any sort of peace in our lives!

I have been doing a lot to the house and I can't wait to post pictures to show everyone!!! I just have to actually take pictures.. maybe tonight!! The living room upstairs is the room that has been most recently completed- compliments of Heather Fuller! My mom gave us a house warming gift of her coming to decorate this room for us! I LOVE IT and it was so nice to not have to think about that room!! YEAH! I also got some new bedding for our room, and new art for downstairs-- as well as knick-knacks everywhere-- which definitely makes it more "homey".

I also can't wait to share with you my recent invitations/programs I have done... I have been in the "artsty/crafty" mood lately... and it has come out in this area (as well as our home). I promise... Pictures soon!!