Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall and Favorites

Well, it has been a little bit since I have updated. I told you last time that I have been in a "crafty" mood and getting ready for fall... so I thought I would post a couple of pictures of what I have been doing!

My wreath outside with all the fall decor!

My fall painting and some pumpkins! Probably my favorite part of the house right now!

And the table decor... I can't not go all out!! Hehe!

Hope you like it because I LOVE it! :)

As far as baby and pregnancy! I am still loving feeling my little girl move around-- though her most active time is after 10:00pm! At least she isn't too big yet that I can't sleep! I did wake up about 3:00am last night though and she was kicking and kicking and kicking! Daddy woke up too and whispered to her that it was time to sleep... so sweet!! :) I have been feeling pretty good overall, but I have been feeling a little nauseaus in the morning again... not sure what that is about, but oh well! As far as the diabetes, things are going WONDERFUL! I have been able to keep tight control and my lab work last time came back as being almost non-diabetic!! :) 5.9HbA1C for those of you who know numbers! My HbA1C is my average blood sugar level over about a 3 month period. 5.5 is non-diabetic and they like us diabetics to aim for 6.5! So I am below that, which is an answer to prayer!! Yeah!!

A couple weekends ago, I was finally able to register! I wanted to knock that out before the holidays started up so I wasn't crazy! We registered and Babys 'R Us and Sprout (a little store here in LR with the CUTEST clothes EVER!) Below are some of the "favorites" that I have already received for our little girl-- well, my favorites anyway!! :)

I wish they made this hat in my size!!

Is there anything more precious than little girl shoes?!

Special outfit made by one of my bestest friends!! She made two!

My sister gave us this little outfit the day we found out we were having a little girl!

And last, but not least (and there are many other favorites, but I can't post them all), a little lamb jacket that my mom got for her! So sweet!! I can't wait until she is big enough to wear it!!

Well, that's about it for now! Thanks to everyone for your sweet prayers!! They mean the world to us as we prepare for this little girl!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emotions and Crafts

Talk about emotions running high... today, I had a total freak out moment! I hadn't felt Collins move ALL morning! And usually she kicks and kicks come about 10:00am... I was about in tears at church because I got so worried. So, when I got home, I did some google searching and found out that it TOTALLY normal when you are only 20 weeks... Geez, someone should tell us first time moms that! Anyways, I still didn't feel her most of the day, but prayed for peace because I was trusting that everything was just fine... and it is! She has been kicking all night! :) YEAH! Next time, I will know not to freak... learning moment!

My belly has definitely been expanding... still not too big, but definitely to a place where I can tell that I am pregnant (as opposed to just looking like I had gained a belly)! Below is a current picture!

On another note, I have been feeling crafty again... See, I just LOVE fall! And this weather got me in the mood to get all my fall decor out... and make some new! Below is what I made today. A fall wreath-- and it was definitely easier than it looks!

Next craft project? Fall painting... to be done later because NOT ONE THING I needed for it was on sale at Hobby Lobby and I have a really hard time paying full price there! Does anyone else have that same problem?!

Well, as you can tell, for this pregnant mama, it is way past my bed time! So, I am off! Night!