Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laughs and Tears, but LOTS of fun!

While I sit here on the bed, with my baby sitting next to me (tooting, I might add... haha!), I can't help but be OVERWHELMED with how blessed we have been with this little girl for the last 5 weeks!  She is absolutely PRECIOUS!  I was talking to my mom and dad the other day and telling them how everyone tries to prepare you for what it is going to be like having a baby, but no one ever prepares you for how FULL your heart gets for this baby.  I mean, I feel like my heart is about to BURST through my chest!  And then I start thinking about how BIG God's love is for me... that He would send His ONLY son to die FOR ME!  What an incredible love that is!  I mean, I knew it was big before, but seriously, I have a TOTALLY new perspective!

I laugh again that Collins is tooting next to me because, I am pretty sure she does it all the time... and they aren't cute little petite toots... They are FARTS, like old man farts.  I just tell people she gets that from her daddy! ;)

We have had so many fun days since she has been here.  She seriously is such a joy and such an easy baby.  She has already slept for 6-8 hours through the night several times (mind you, she is only 5 weeks old!)!! AMAZING!!

She has attended her first Arkansas Razorbacks baseball game...

Had MANY shopping trips (to the mall, Promenade, Target, Hobby Lobby-- you name it and she has probably been there!) I know, SHOCKER to all who know me! :)

First Doctor Visit (which she was so good for!)

 First St. Patty's Day Party!

First bath-- which just happened a couple days ago because her belly button thing didn't want to come off!! Hehe!  She also LOVES her baths! Even got a couple smiles out of her!

And first visit from her new friends!! Nona and her are only 4 days apart! Nona was born on the 11th and Collins on the 15th! So fun!


For those of you who don't know... Trevor's mom (Nona's dad) and my mom have been best friends for years!  They think it is such a treat to be able to experience being grandparents together!

There have also been some not so "joyous" firsts-- though some of them causing some great laughter!

First diaper blow out!  Literally, Damon was changing her and she let it FLY! Changing pad had to be washed, dad had to be washed, and she DEFINITELY had to be washed!

First time to poop 4 times in 20 minutes... hahahahaha!  And of course, this was at like 11:00 at night so we were so ready to go to bed!  We were laughing so hard we were crying though!

First melt down.... Thank goodness Grandma Trish came over that night to save me!  I was ready for her to be held by someone else!!

And probably the funniest (now) thing to happen, happened about a week after we got home.  She was asleep and so we decided to go to bed... it was like 10:00pm.  However, as soon as I laid her down, she had other plans and started crying uncontrollably!  Well, the night before, we heard squirrels in the attic (any suggestions on how to get rid of these darn things... we can't find where they are getting in!!).  So Damon, because she was awake now says "Well, I think since we will be up for a little bit, I am going to run up in the attic and put down some "critter ridder" real quick."  I said okay because I have a baby who will wake me up in the middle of the night, so I don't need squirrels doing that too!! Well, I am downstairs holding Collins trying to get her to calm down, when all of the sudden, I hear a BIG thud!  I say, "Damon?!"... No response... So I said, "Damon, I have a newborn in my arms, I am not in a position to climb into the attic, please respond and tell me you are okay..".  He says, "I'm okay..."  I said, "What just happened?".  He came down the attic stairs with tears coming down his cheeks... and proceeds to show me a hole in Collins' ceiling where he accidentally stepped through.... Now, I am crying... So just picture it... All 3 of us... exhausted and bawling!  I composed myself enough to tell Damon that it was okay... That I was just glad that he didn't fall all the way through and that we weren't on the way to the hospital right now!  I reminded him that it could be fixed... But, oh man... that was quite the night!

So many firsts... and SOO many more, but I would take up entirely too much space!

Anyways, there is a little update for now! I hope that you guys that have kiddos are enjoying them as much was we enjoy Collins!  Let's remember to not take them for granted!!

Oh, and you should definitely check out some of her newborn pictures if you haven't yet! I am definitely partial, but I don't think there has ever been a cuter girl or cuter pictures EVER!! :)