Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, I am officially EXHAUSTED!! I (along with a few others!) successfully pulled off a baby shower, and a SURPRISE anniversary party for my parents in 2 weekends... and then this last weekend, Luis Palau! Wow... All I have to say is that iti is amazing I am still breathing... so forgive me for not updating lately... I have been just a LITTLE busy!! :)

The baby shower was great!! Magen looked beautiful... and the shower was perfect timing-- less than 2 weeks later and little Audrey is here!! YEAH!! :) We already love her! I know they are going to be great parents... and if she turns out half as great as her momma (and daddy) she will be one of the greatest little girls you have ever met! There are a few pictures below of the shower and Audrey!

Here is the invitation... :) LOVED IT!

The Food... YUMMY! I put tags on all the food and had all the recipes printed off for people to take with them!


We put diapers out for everyone to sign... It was fun!! That way, whenever Magen is up changing diapers at 3:00am, she will at least have some fun notes to read!

More Decor...

The cake!! IT WAS SOO CUTE!!

Lamp post outside-- help everyone find the right house!

Magen with the hostesses!! YEAH!

My parents surprise party went sooo well and they were SHOCKED!!! My mom started bawling when she walked in, which proceeded to make all of us girls start bawling... Gosh, thanks mom! :)
All of us kids (including Damon and Kathrine) wrote them letters-- just telling them thanks for everything they have done... I would post that, but then we would all be in tears again... (and the fact that it isn't on this computer!!) We also had a couple of visitors via video-- which again, made everyone tear up... and then my dad talked... and cried... and then everyone cried again... My goodness... sounds like we just had a cry party, but it was really so much fun!! :) Pictures will come later, for now, you just get to see the invitations... :) Told you I had been in a crafty mood--- I just had to wait to post them!

Luis Palau was fabulous!! My daddy did an awesome job with everything!! Oh, and speaking of which, as if my life wasn't busy enough, my dad asked me to 60 centerpieces for the luncheon he was in charge of... My goodness... This involved rolling 600 newspapers!! AH! I got it all done though and they looked FABULOUS if I do say so myself-- however, there are no pictures... I just forgot in the craziness... BUMMER!!

Ok, well, that is the scoop for now... Hope !
everyone is doing well... Now that my crazy life has calmed down... I hope to see all my friends again and get back to "normal" life. :) Oh, and if you want to see some of my other invitations that I have done... See the link below... Good bye

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I told you they would be coming soon-- so here you go!! :)

Master Bedroom-- I LOVE the new bedding! :)

The Bed...

New Shower Curtain

Living Room- Upstairs... Pretty much new everything!

New Couch, New Lamp, New Art

New Chairs (my absolute FAVORITE!)

Most of this we had-- other than the bamboo thing in the corner-- which I think is really cool!

Laundry... Told you my "artsy/crafty" side was coming out lately!

Continued improvements downstairs... still haven't gotten to the intimidating shelves!

New art-- I had to convince Damon that these were really cool!! I LOVE THEM!
Mark's Room-- one of the roomies-- we have been working on his room as well!
Brian's Room-- other roomie-- Mark and I did this room as well (minus the plants).
Well, now you have seen most of the house... all decorated!! I know that it will be continued work-- as I will find more I like and things I want to do-- and eventually a baby's room! :) Hehe! That's it for now though! Night!!!