Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As much as some days I still get really frustrated with my past employer (this morning was one of those days), I have realized that I have a really high sense of justice. I want to portray to this man that it is not just a job he is messing with, it is people's lives! For example, he hired 2 people to replace me (well, technically, 3, but that is another story). Neither of them had been with the company even 4 months, when he decided to lay them off... I mean, they had moved one guy and his family here from Fayetteville to take the job. Don't they think about this?! I mean, they knew they didn't have the money. The other thing that irks me is that it is always my dad's team that has to let someone go. In the not even 2 years that my dad has been there, he has had to lay off 5 people-- the owners-- 2... And those 2 guys were fired because they were not good at their jobs! The 5 people my dad has had to let go, only 1 of them was fired... The other 4 were laid off because of finances (or in my case, the owner being stupid!). Anyways, I guess I just need to rest in the fact that they will have to answer to someone higher up some day-- Jesus and they will receive judgement for their decisions. I just have a really hard time with these decisions because they are not right... on any level, but even more so for them because they claim they are a company who hold Christian values... well, I hate to say it, but they are hypocritical... and I think that they actually turn more people away from the faith based on the decisions they make everyday!

Anyways, on to happier things!!! My new job has been a blast!! I have been training for the last 5 weeks or so. The first 2 weeks of training is called SOS (Science of Sephora) where we learn all about Sephora and take tests to become certified to work there! (I passed all 5!) We learn all about skincare and what ingredients help acne, or aging, or environmental damage, etc. If I may offer a suggestion, PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY!! 94% of our aging comes from the sun... so if you wore sunscreen every day, you would look 94% younger! We also learn how to apply make-up and the different eyeshapes and how to make them appear differnt (like making wide eyes appear closer together). I am sure learning A LOT!!! I just had NO idea what all this would entail!

The last 3 weeks have been brand training. This is where all the brands that Sephora carries come in and tell us about their products! I was told that we would get gratis from all these brands, but I had NO idea HOW MUCH we would get!! Seriously, I have gotten thousands and thousands of dollars worth of skin care and make-up! I mean, I have mascara and eye cream out the wazoo!! The other day, I was given 2 moisturizers (valued at $125 a piece) and that was just one part of what the brand gave us! In a time where I definitely can't afford these luxuries, it has been such a blessing to receive this stuff!! I have also started to wash my face EVERY DAY, twice a day which is a totally new thing for me... I had NEVER washed my face a day in my life before this... it is amazing what it does though! :) Ha! Well, if any of you have any make-up questions or needs... just let me know... I am now a Beauty Expert!! Ha! Yeah right-- I still have so much more to learn!!