Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I FINALLY have a job!! I am really excited about it and feel like God just opened all the right doors to get to this place! Even the timing was perfect, we literally had enough money to make it through mid-February and I start February 17! It is at Sephora- which is about to open up in the mall here!! It will start out as part time, but they believe that I will move to Assistant Manager and full time within a short time as they think they projected their sales lower than what they will actually do! I mean, make-up, hair, and all that is RIGHT up my alley!! I think I will love it!! I start 6 weeks of training and store opening next week. Please pray that I fall into place their easily and that God continues to open up the right doors for me to move to full time and Assistant Manager!! Woohoo!!

I am excited about this for another reason as well, because we get to finally look at houses!! I can't wait to own our own place and decorate- oh what fun!! The next step- KIDS!! Haha!! Although I think that is probably still a little ways away! :) Our God is so good at providing for us-- just when we are getting so discouraged! Thanks for all the prayers you guys have said on our behalf!! It is much appreciated!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend has been so much fun!! To start off, Damon got me a Blackberry Pink Pearl!! I LOVE IT!! We have had a blast setting everything up on it!! Last night, my sister came into town for the weekend with her friend, Ashleigh. We all had dinner together last night- STEAK! :) Woohoo!! Today was great fun as well! :) Damon and I got to sleep in a little (though he always gets up before me!) and then we went out to lunch with Lisa Benedict-- a friend from Friday Harbor (who now lives in Branson) and a friend that I had yet to meet! We had TONS of fun and it is always great to meet new friends! Damon then drove around down town Little Rock with her while I went to a movie with my family. We went to see New In Town... and oh boy did I LOVE it!! Haha! Talk about what it is like hanging out with my family when you are from the south!! I highly recommend seeing it! You will get some good laughs out of it- yeah, you betcha will there! Well, I know that this is short, but I have a hubby who is anxious for me to watch the Gonzaga Bulldogs defeat the Memphis Tigers right now!! Until later...


Monday, February 2, 2009

Job Search

As I sit at the computer, I am a little... what's the word... I guess discouraged would work. I mean, I am supposed to be looking for a new job, but I have been looking for the last 2+ weeks and I am just sick of it! I know that God has a special place for me somewhere, but I wish that He would just let it be known where exactly that place is. Seriously, I have probably applied to 30 or more jobs... and people don't call back hardly EVER! I mean, don't put it on your website or in the newspaper if you don't need someone... or at least have the decency to call anyone back! The other part of this is, the longer I have to wait, the more frustrated I get with Ink... I worked so hard there and because the owner is scared and can't talk to my dad because I work with him, I suffer. And then to have both owners walk out the back door on my last day to avoid seeing me and saying good-bye... STUPID! Grr ... It get's my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. Anyways, all this to say that I am just sick of job hunting and really just wish that I could start a new job that I love. Pray that I have patience. I know our God is good and I really do believe that He has place for me... I just need to be patient and persistant in figuring out where and when that is. In the meantime, I will just enjoy being at home and relaxing!